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Mice Tourism in Bareilly

MICE Tourism is our speciality!

MICE is a term generally used in tourism industry which includes a well-organized program centered on a specific theme. These themes may include a hobby, a profession, or an educational matter. The MICE industry has been rising over the past few decades into an established business sector, motivated by the globalization and augment in cross border trade.

Especially within India, businesses just cannot function in a fully effective way without the face-to-face meetings of the parties implicated. More and more businesses now understand that meetings, incentives, exhibitions and conferences are essential means of communicating their industry messages, growing sales and business development.

In simple terms MICE stands for:-

M = Meetings (To administer all arrangements; which is necessary in normal general Meetings)
I = Incentive (To manage incentive tour for your corporate)
C = Conferences (To systematize meetings of wide level called conference and manage all arrangements for bigger groups)
E= Exhibitions (To arrange exhibitions at global level on various exhibition grounds)

We undertake all such activities to perfection

Our Meeting Organizer system is an excellent network resource when setting up meetings of any complexities and sizes. Whether you are responsible for planning a single corporate board meeting, a multi-city nationwide series of medical dinner meetings a gala event or anything in between, Meetings Organizer Company can help, plan and arrange for all the meeting logistics as per your requirements.

Incentive Tour Operators presents a variety of new and unexplored destinations in India for you to select and choose for your incentive program. Our Incentive tourism is an amazing way to recompense your employees and India is a superb destination as it is cultural motley of modern and the ancient.

Identifying that a successful program pivots on an effectual design, Conference Planners Bareilly works with you to build up inventive outreach efforts that go beyond traditional conference seminars and programs.

Exhibitions work because they are face-to-face. We have Exhibition Management team that provides an opportunity to speed up the selling cycle by matching needs with a company's ability to fill those needs.

Destination Meetings Planners create the definitive event planning resource to provide essential, meeting-specific information to meeting and event planning professionals for almost every major city around the sphere. The team of researchers, event planning professionals and city experts make sure to include just about anything you would ever need.

We organize successful Destination Conference rely on getting things precise, down to the last detail. For everything from team building activities, top-class catering companies, to professional conference organizers, AV companies and event planners, you can rely on the utmost levels of professionalism from Destination Conference Company.