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Catering For Corporate Events

Catering services which will leave your guests wanting for more!

Food is an integral part of any event. And we believe in providing the healthiest, tastiest and the most affordable food in town for your event. We have tie ups with restaurants providing all kinds of cuisine- be it Mughlai, Indian, Continental, American or something exquisite- you name it and Zion Advertising and Promotions will arrange it for you.

It is our sincere, constant and consistent attempt to offer Personalized catering services to the customers, keeping in mind the client's core business objectives. These services ensure the effective presentation of the client's objective and thereby enhances the market position of our customer. For the purpose, we work in close association with our customers, identifying the real needs of the customers, after due conceptualization, we offer various types of services for the Exhibition and Event of the customers which are as, Reputation Management, Communications & Public Relations, Brand Architecture, Publishing Activities and Interior Designing etc.

Building on our experience in the operation of various restaurants and other related businesses, we are able to provide a very attractive catering menu for our customers which include a great variety of fine food and snacks. With our menu in hand, you only need to make a call and the delicatessens from around the world will then be delivered to your door. Catering for Corporate events is our speciality.

We also provide all the services related to event which includes Logistics Solution, Tour & Travel, Printing Solutions, Front Desk Management, First Aid Facilities, Additional Requirement, Security & Insurance, Advertising, Publicity & Promotion, Booth Design and Construction, Stage Design, Signages, and all on-site organizers technical requirements. And many more for exhibitions & conferences.

We lead teams of chefs and catering assistants. They are responsible for running the day-to-day catering operations and services in restaurants, hotels and resorts. We are responsible for monitoring the quality of the food and service and for making sure that their outlets perform well. The most important part of the job is achieving good quality within a budget and maintaining high standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction.

Zion Advertising and Promotions makes sure your event ticks all the boxes. The food is the of the highest quality. We know what you like and are open to your preferences. Contact us today and you will never have to make this decision again!